chicken marsala recipe

Chicken Marsala used to be my all-time favorite chicken dish.  I used to order it most of the time when I’d dine at an Italian restaurant.  That all changed the day I met Chicken Piccata for the very first time.   Lemons in…whatever…will win with me every time.  Kyle on the other hand – prefers this Chicken Marsala over Chicken Piccata.

This easy Chicken Marsala recipe is so rich and flavorful and the best part is it comes together in no time.  Hardly any effort is required for getting this dish set on the table. View full post »

Greek Turkey Burger

These Greek Turkey Burgers make for a nice change of pace from your typical everyday burger.  They’re nice and light and on the healthier side of things.   The meat patties are tastefully seasoned wit a little  dill and oregano.  You could also add some Feta to these burgers….  I didn’t have any  but I think a little Feta would work well here (even though I’m not wildly huge on Feta).   View full post »

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus with Chickpea Salad

This Roasted Red Pepper Hummus with Chickpea Salad came about because of an email I received from a reader who really liked the Jalapeno Hummus recipe and presentation that I recently posted HERE.  She wanted to know if I had any other hummus recipes that came with perks like the jalapeno hummus did.  These perks make serving hummus for health conscious guests much more fun – and filling. View full post »

hawaiian punch granita

This recipe started out as a simple mixed juice blend.  Then I added another fruit and then another juice – then I added a splash of coconut water and decided to call this refreshing little concoction…. Hawaiian Punch and serve it with a straw.  Then I thought the only thing better that drinking a tall glass of Hawaiian Punch on a hot summer day – would be to turn the Hawaiian Punch into an almost frozen iced slushy concoction and call it Hawaiian Punch Granita and serve it with a spoon. View full post »

mexican gazpacho fruit salad

Can you tell I’ve been in the mood for Mexican food lately?  I just posted the recipe for this JALAPENO HUMMUS (which I really love) and now this luscious Mexican Gazpacho Fruit Salad.  There is something about Mexican food that feels welcoming – sort of  kick off your shoes, roll up your sleeves and let’s sit, chat and graze on this awesome food awhile.  Summer time sort of brings out that state of mind as well. View full post »

jalapeno hummus

Have you ever had the Jalapeno Hummus at Pita Jungle?

Have you ever heard of Pita Jungle?

Well, it’s a little restaurant near where I work and they serve really incredible, wholesome food.  Not too long ago, I posted a recipe for MEDITERRANEAN CHICKEN, which was my riff on Pita Jungle’s Mediterranean Chicken.  If you haven’t made it yet – you don’t know what you’re missing.  Incredible combo of flavors.

So this recipe for Jalapeno Hummus is my riff on Pita Jungle’s Jalapeno Hummus.  And it’s every bit as good! View full post »

macaroni and cheese muffins

I slightly adapted the recipe for these Macaroni and Cheese Muffins from a recipe I found on FOOD AND WINE.  You’ll want to make these macaroni & cheese muffins as small, fun, bite-sized appetizers.  I made them standard sized muffins for this post – because I had these cute muffin cups that I wanted to use for the Fourth.  But you definitely will want to make them as small bite-sized appetizers.  These Macaroni and Cheese Muffins are guaranteed to be a huge hit at your next cocktail party or summer potluck! View full post »