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coconut chicken I’m baaaaaack.  Finally!  My flooring project took a little longer than expected.  We ran into a few hiccups which dragged things out a bit.  And, boy….do I feel like I missed a big chunk of summer.  Work was super busy while it was all going on so I was pretty much burning the candle at both ends, and unfortunately, the blog was neglected.  I’m soooo happy to be back at it.   This Coconut Chicken was the first thing that I made in about 4 weeks.  Oh, I hardboiled a few eggs and boiled some water for tea, but that was about it.  I ate out a lot!  I’m sooo glad to have my kitchen back, I can’t even tell you! View full post »

  • October 18, 2014 - 9:32 pm

    Lea Ann (Cooking On The Ranch) - I know how you feel, we moved and downsized and I feel like I missed out on Summer. Your floors look beautiful and I’m impressed you took on the task yourself. And your recipe sounds delicious. Love this kind of flavor combo.ReplyCancel

Patty Melt with mushrooms

Life has been a little crazy lately with my house torn up as I have some new flooring installed.  For those of you who know me, know I have a mild case of OCD – not cracker-jack crazy OCD – I mean it doesn’t bother me that the labels of my canned goods aren’t all going in the same direction  or anything like that (ahem Cathe)….but these kinds of things drive me batty.  The entire contents of my loft and living room are crammed into my guest bedroom and my master closet.  When I went to photograph this sandwich today – I couldn’t find my camera.  Anywhere!!   Looking forward to next week when things are back to normal.  The great part about it all is the contractor who is doing my work is a friend that I’ve known since grade school.  I’d really be a wreck if I didn’t trust the guy doing the work!  Any way…enough ranting….on to this Patty Melt with Mushrooms which is the best patty melt I’ve ever .  It’s also the only thing I’ve cooked in almost 2 weeks! View full post »

  • September 15, 2014 - 9:53 pm

    Lea Ann (Cooking On The Ranch) - This is one great looking sandwich. Thanks for the idea. Pinned. Hope your life is back in order soon. i have to admit, we put off having some work done around our house simply because we don’t know who to trust. :/ReplyCancel

    • September 21, 2014 - 5:05 am

      Delicious Happens - Thanks, Lea Ann! It all should be wrapped up this week. Besides knowing my guy since grade school – he’s done the flooring for the Outback Steakhouse restaurants in California. I lucked out on this one.ReplyCancel

asparagus quesadillaThe garlicky cilantro spread – aka cilantro mayonnaise – is what gives this Roasted Asparagus Quesadilla it’s “wow” factor.  Unlike typical quesadillas with melted cheese bursting at the seams –  this quesadilla gets it’s kick from a wonderful magic green sauce.  The sauce is spread on the inside of the quesadilla – but if you’re like me – you’ll find yourself using it as a dip.  Be sure to serve the quesadilla with extra sauce.  It’s rather addicting!  The recipe for the Garlicky Cilantro Sauce is slightly adapted from my “Feast” cookbook by Sarah Copeland. View full post »



I really love desserts like this rustic Strawberry Tart with Mascarpone Filling and Oatmeal Cookie Crust.  This is a simple, no-fuss dessert that will make you look like you know a thing or two in the kitchen.  This tart has just the right amount of sweetness (light), the mascarpone filling has just a hint of lemon and it is as light and fluffy as a cloud…and oh my gawd is this little ensemble good!! View full post »


southwest style citrus salad This Southwest Style Citrus Salad makes for a nice tasty, quick and easy summer dinner.  This recipe is my riff on a Southwest style salad that I had at a restaurant some time ago in Laguna Beach.   I can’t remember the name of the restaurant and it’s no longer in business – but they served the best salads.   View full post »


Mango and Pineapple Batidos

Kyle and I were talking the other day about a guy he works with who owns a popular restaurant in Ann Arbor, and how Kyle had the opportunity to sample some of food.  He piqued my interest so I Googled their site and took a peak at the menu.  The photos of their food looked incredible, the reviews were rave… and the menu made me want to hop on a plane and order one of everything.   On the drink menu they listed an assortment of fruit batidos.  Batidos are Latin American fruit milkshakes.   One particular drink on the menu caught my eye –  the mango and pineapple batidos.  Two of my favorite fruits!

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